Drew McIntyre talks about his next challenge within WWE | Planet Wrestling

The former WWE champion only needs the United States championship to become a Grand Slam champion. He was anticipated by the fighter in the last Raw program, but the truth is that all reports indicate that Drew’s future is far from the red mark.

After becoming the champion of the pandemic, being the face of the company during the most difficult moments has made WWE a fundamental pillar in its future plans. now that people can again enjoy live events very close to their idols.

Not only this, it should be noted that after not being able to have more opportunities for the championship of Bobby Lashley everything seems to be on track to travel in the draft to SmackDown in the month of October. If this happens, it is the challenges that will determine his future within WWE.

Now, after beating Jinder Mahal at WWE SummerSlam, Drew McIntyre hopes to pass to his next big chapter in WWE and tells Sports Illustrated that if the next big chapter comes with a move to SmackDown to face Roman Reigns, he’s ready. for it.

“I had the opportunity to help establish Bobby as a champion, and doing that for a high-level artist was an honor.” says McIntyre. “I am very happy for him, he is someone who earned and deserves all his success. “SummerSlam was a tough place, it came out right after Becky’s return, but it was an opportunity to make a statement against Jinder. We were able to have that moment in front of so many people, which was an honor, and now I’m excited to see what comes next. It was great on Raw to be involved with Damian Priest, Lashley and Sheamus, who are three very physical athletes. I want to set the tone for physicality in WWE, and I’m excited [con] the next story. That is what people feel and touch emotions. I’m looking for something good, and if it’s Roman, I hope he’s ready. “

If the fighter himself analyzes a rivalry with the universal champion, he is very energetic to accept the challenge. Since Drew debuted after his return he has had several fights against Roman and feels that this can help develop his characters and above all make the fans feel that it is something personal.

“That is something I would love to sink my teeth into, and it is something that will inevitably happen,” he says. “We spent less than a week together last year, but the chemistry, even without fans in the stands, was real. Roman is my biggest feud since I came back to WWE, and I feel like I’ve had more matches with him than anyone else, but he feels different now. The roles have completely changed and you are seeing who we are as real people. There is something important in the future for us. “

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