Did WWE hint on Raw that The Hurt Business will return?

«(…) Some of my closest friends, even favorites, Hurt Business. MVP is there with Omos. Shelton Benjamin continues to do his thing. Cedric is there. I would like to reunite that group at some point (…)». These were the words of Bobby Lashley in October in a new reaffirmation that he wants to get The Hurt Business back together, the faction he led with Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander as partners and MVP as manager. And now it finally looks like that might be close to happening..

► Will The Hurt Business return?

During tonight’s Monday Night Raw show, MVP reached out to Adam Pearce for a chat about Lashley. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find out what he wanted to say to him because the General Manager had to attend to the fighters who were attacked by The Bloodline, including Alexander and Benjamin. But we understand that sooner or later the representative of Omos is going to try to talk to Pearce and then we will know what he wants to say about “The Almighty.” There may be a very interesting story here.

Lashley is currently in no man’s land, in trouble with Pearece himself, after being left out of contention for the United States Championship. Alexander and Benjamin are wandering around the schedule. And MVP is working with Omos, although not much to do either. Another question we could ask ourselves is: What if the four of them re-form The Hurt Business with the “Nigerian Giant” as the fifth member? That would certainly be a tremendous twist for the faction.

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Did WWE hint on Raw that The Hurt Business will return?