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During the last hours many have been WWE news who have really wondered how it was possible to have the appearance of such a well-known character as Eric Bischoff in WWE. It was a momentous moment for the red mark WWE Raw that presented the last program of the year.

The surprise appearance

Everything happened before the ceremony of Maryse and Miz took place for all these years of trust and loyalty being a great couple. The company has had no problem advertising it because it is a simple way to attract another type of audience to consume WWE. reports that creative plans for Bischoff to appear on the show came to fruition on Thursday, December 23. A fact that arouses a lot of interest and as the reports announce it seems like a plan from a few days ago to have a simple appearance.

However, the extent of the appearance of one of the best-known figures in the world of wrestling has not been disclosed. A man who took full control of WCW dominating Monday nights and winning the WWE show in a row.

But now the years have passed, the character has simply limited himself to making appearances. The latter had not been produced since his induction into the Hall of Fame earlier this year. Which indicates that it could be a cover to have more of their services in the coming months.

He was an important part of SmackDown in 2019, has made multiple appearances on AEW and has no problem giving his opinion in a totally free and open way. What positions him in the orbit of the red mark a few days before the new year begins.

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Details on Eric Bischoff’s appearance on WWE Raw – Planeta Wrestling