Dax Harwood confirms the rule that WWE applied in Raw | Superfights

A rule related to team fighting that was precisely mentioned during the match that saw Nikki ASH and Rhea Ripley beat Natalya and Tamina to clinch the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. And the rule is: when a Superstar saves his partner from the count of three, he cannot do it again.. Probably many already knew her, but there must also be a large sector of the WWE Universe that found this situation somewhat novel.

Rhea Ripley and Nikki ASH – WWE Raw September 20, 2021

► Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have always applied the “new” WWE rule

Precisely, the commentator of the red mark Jimmy Smith mentioned the rule in a somewhat unprecedented situation on television. Dave Meltzer confirmed that the rule does indeed exist, although the surprising thing was to have made it public during the program in a more than casual way.

However, there are some fans who did not stick with that and asked FTR members Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler, former WWE and AEW tag team champions, their opinion regarding this rule. Harwood took your twitter account to explain about the existence of such a rule, as well as the fact that he and Wheeler always respected it.

– «What are your thoughts on this new rule in the team fight regarding breaking the count of three only once per match?»

– «It is not a new rule. We have used it for our entire career there. Look at all our encounters. Cash and I have never broken the count more than once per fight. The rules in team fighting is a good thing. It’s not a four-way thing. “

– «I have never heard of that rule in a team match. A good team match shouldn’t need that rule. “

– «Shouldn’t good basketball have an off-field?

FTR with Tully Blanchard - AEW
FTR with Tully Blanchard – AEW