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Mustafa Ali He recently returned to WWE television after a well-known disagreement with the company over his situation, which even led to him demanding his departure. Ali was the special guest on the recent Miz TV during last night’s episode of WWE Raw, and once again Theory got involved in the segment and a disadvantaged fight was agreed between Mustafa Ali against theory Y The Mizwhich lasted just under three minutes, with victory of the rude.

Mustafa Ali – WWE Raw May 2, 2022

► Mustafa Ali would not have the expected reaction from the public

in the recent Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed what Mustafa Ali’s recent defeat could mean just a week after his long-awaited return. The journalist commented that, depending on Vince McMahon’s perspective, the crowd’s lukewarm reaction to Ali could mean a change of direction is coming.

“Since he was on the ropes, Miz applies the Skull Crushing Finale and defeats him. But I mean, yeah, he was beaten in two and a half minutes. Like I said, the idea is that it took two guys to beat him and all that, but nowadays, when you’re losing in a time as fast as that, and it was two against one, but… The odds in this case don’t help him at all.

You usually get two to three weeks of feedback. He only got one. The fact that the crowd wasn’t like that with him, if Vince was predisposed in his mind to think this wasn’t going to work, that lack of crowd reaction would tell you this isn’t working. So, it’s not a good thing for Ali. If Vince thinks he has this great idea and thinks this is going to work, he’ll obviously ignore the crowd’s reaction. We have to finish our story, and at the end of the story, he will be finished.

A lot of times, you don’t have that mindset. The mentality is, ‘You have your three weeks, get over it,’ and when you don’t, there you are.”

Mustafa Ali - WWE Raw April 25, 2022
Mustafa Ali – WWE Raw April 25, 2022

Mustafa Ali had a lot of support after WWE refused to release him and while he is back now, he could be in a situation where his momentum seems to have ended. In any case, we will have to see how his rivalry against Ciampa turns out, who attacked him for the last two weeks and both of them could have a match in the ring very soon.

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Dave Meltzer explains Mustafa Ali’s situation after his loss on WWE Raw | Superfights