Dana Brooke was not on WWE RAW due to a car accident

The current Champion 24/7 of the Company of Vince McMahonDana Brooke, revealed that the reason for her absence in the last episode of WWE RAW (See coverage and results Monday Night RAW June 27, 2022) was a road accident.

A car accident left the Champion out of the Red Show

The talented star, who in recent months it has been gaining prominence within the programming of World Wrestling Entertainment in the orbit of the 24/7 Championship that he has won -to date- on a total of 6 occasionswas not present last night at the Red Show, this due to a car accident. This is what he told his fans through a publication on his Twitter profile:

«Much love to the WWE Universe for the support, affection and support they give me! The reason I wasn’t on RAW last night was because I was in a pretty bad car accident last week. I’m feeling fine and will be back in no time! I really appreciate the love and couldn’t ask for better support from the fans.”

Much ❤️ to the #wweuniverse for the support & love, standing up for me! The reason why I was not on RAW last night was bc I got into a bad car accident the past week, I am doing good & will be back in no time! I really appreciate the love & couldn’t ask for better Fan support ❤️

Fans not only noticed the absence of Dana Brooke on RAW, but also that of a match announced by WWE

In addition to the 24/7 Champion, fans also noted that there was an important match that was not made: the fight between Kevin Owens vs. Ezequiel, Elias or -the new brother of the family- Elrod. The funny thing here is that yes Ezequiel could be seen during that episodeWell, there was a moment backstage where he shared a few words with John Cena and asked for advice.

The truth is that some have come to light news about the absence of Kevin Owens in RAWand we have known thanks to Dave Meltzer’s statements on Wrestling Observer Radio that this is not due to any injury or any matter of serious or concern to the fans.

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Dana Brooke was not on WWE RAW due to a car accident