Dakota Kai reflects on her rise on WWE RAW

The former super star of the NXT development brand, Dakota Kai is finally triumphing in the raw red mark, The New Zealander has analyzed how her career has grown and how plans to continue doing it among the women’s division.

Dakota Kai wants to continue growing big in the women’s division

Last July 30 at SummerSlam we could finally see the arrival on the main roster of the New Zealand superstar Dakota Kai, next to Iyo Sky and Bayley who leads them forming the dominant Dagame Ctrl faction, these have been imposing themselves on the entire women’s division and have enhanced their statement taking over the women’s tag team championships.

For Dakota, this is living the best moment of his career in the short time he has been in the big leagues, during a recent interview for the program WWE Brunch, the champion in pairs reflected on the achievements she has obtained so far and what she plans to continue rising to the top, this was what the New Zealander said.

«So, with the return of the WWE women’s tag team championships and then the creation of a tournament around it, during the tournament, we were really adamant that we were going to be the ones to win those belts, in the final, it didn’t work out that way, so I think with the rematch, we knew that we had to be the ones to win, in terms of us and Damage CTRL and all the things that we’ve been saying, we won in Clash, but we needed more momentum, for IYO and for me Winning this tag team championship not only does something for us, and for us as a group, but also does something for the division. I would love to defend this championship as a couple against any team that wants to challenge us. I think that will lift us, but also the entire division and all women together. I wish very much that this division continues to be elevated and elevated and just to prove that we are worthy of this championship as a couple, whoever wants to try to take it from us, it will not be that simple. So it was a great moment.”

Damge Ctrl keeps ringing her name among all the others, his reign is just beginning and his leader Bayley seems to have intentions of adding the RAW title of Bianca Belair, We will see if he finally dares to challenge her for that medal.

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Dakota Kai reflects on her rise on WWE RAW