Curious Becky Lynch Tweets about WrestleMania 38

Monday Night RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynchwas posting on his Twitter profile about his important role in WrestleMania 38.

You can’t spell WrestleMania without The Man, says Becky Lynch

Following his performance last night at the World’s Most Famous Arena, New York City’s Madison Square Garden, The Irishwoman took to Twitter to praise herself for her great performance in the ring and for her important role in ‘La Vitrina de los Inmortales’, a show that -in her view of things- cannot exist without her.

After defeating Bianca Belair and Rhea Ripley in a triple threat Becky sent a message to the WWE Universe:

“#WWEMSG. I was fantastic. You can’t spell WrestleMania without EST, but you can’t spell it without MAN either!!! In the same way, you can’t spell WrestleMania without ANIMAL… Which is who I am.”

You can’t spell Wrestlemania without…?

After this, which is understandable as ‘WrestleMania’ contains the nicknames of Bianca Belair and Becky Lynch: ‘EST’, ‘wrESTlemania’ and ‘MAN’, ‘wrestleMANia’, a series of publications would come that are quite complex to understand, since don’t seem to make logical sense, a fact that fans have expressed in their comments. Here you can see what we are talking about:

The most understandable of these is the third, which would translate to ‘You can’t spell WrestleMania without me.’however the word does not contain a union between the letters M and E. The other posts have been quite difficult to analyze. The truth is that ‘WrestleMania’ does contain the letters that Becky points out in each post, but not in that same order.

The Champion has not made any statements on this subject, and probably will not. The next thing for Becky will be to defend her Monday Night RAW Women’s Championship in the Great Event from World Wrestling Entertainment when she faces former SmackDown Champion, ‘The EST of WWE’, Bianca Belair.

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Curious Becky Lynch Tweets about WrestleMania 38