Corey Graves expresses his discomfort over the failed trade of Austin Theory on WWE Raw

The last episode of Monday Night Raw It will remain etched in the memory of fans. WWE for a long time. And it is that, after more than four months being Mr. Money in the Bank, Austin Theory decided to cash in his briefcase, trading it against a shattered Seth Rollinswho had previously been brutally attacked by bobby lashley.

“The Almighty” would also be in charge of frustrating Theory’s plans just when he was about to win. Lashley attacked the challenger, matching forces with the champion, who would finally manage to retain his title with an accurate curb stomp.

The reactions of the fans were immediate, with a large majority showing their disagreement with what they had witnessed. Not only for the failed exchange, but also for doing it for a title mid-card. In addition, many fans agreed that this story was very damaging to Theory’s image.

But not only the fans have expressed their discomfort with what happened last Monday. Corey Gravescommentator for the red mark, also criticized what happened in the latest edition of his podcast after the bellwhere he described his sensations with a single word: fury.

I’m furious at how it all played outGraves said. “I was furious as it unfolded before our eyes, just a few feet from us, as Theory strutted about. I think about the world of Austin Theory and I really believe what Mr. McMahon was saying six months ago. This guy could be the man. I understand that things change. Everything has changed, everything in our universe has changed in the last few months“.

It should be remembered that Theory obtained a great relevance with Vince McMahon at the helm, becoming his protégé in front of and behind the cameras. The fighter soon earned the public’s hatred, especially after being included in the Money in the Bank ladder fight by direct order of the chairman from WWE.

Nevertheless, after his retirement and the arrival of the new administration, Theory was losing importanceto the point that the company did not have a specific plan for the exchange of its briefcase, coming to speculate with an unprecedented exchange. However, the plans in the company are subject to constant changes, as we could see in the last episode of Monday Night Raw. We will have to see what the immediate future holds for Theory.

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Corey Graves expresses his discomfort over the failed trade of Austin Theory on WWE Raw