Cody Rhodes reveals details of his encounter with Triple H at WrestleMania

Throughout these last six years away from WWE, Cody Rhodes has released several taunts and controversial messages to Triple H that caused a great impact among wrestling fans. However, since his return to Vince McMahon’s company, everything has changed, and Rhodes has come to comment in several interviews that his relationship with Triple H is good and even that Triple H is your favorite fighter. On the last show of the podcast Out of Character by Ryan Satin, Rhodes has been able to go deeper and explain how his reunion with Triple H was at WrestleMania (transcript courtesy of

“I was kind of careful. But not too careful. In the press talks, I didn’t actually say how our interaction was, because I think that interaction for him was possibly normal. You’re talking about, you know, a high-up and one of the best of all time who is going through many things. Maybe for him it was something normal, but, for me, it wasn’t. It was different because he is one of my favourites.”.

“I actually based a lot of what I was doing around the way he had modeled his style from ‘The Game’. But also, I was very, very angry, and that anger still remains As far as how we see each other, as far as how he saw me, and as far as what he wanted to do. I wanted to approach that anger in a different way. But actually just it was a very exciting moment. I haven’t told anyone what he told me, and I won’t, but it was a moving moment.”

“I hear people say that you shouldn’t trust them. Above all, I trust myself. I do. And I think I’m the best in the world at what I do, and that’s because I work at it, I continue to work at it, and I want and love to work at it. But it was a good moment.”

“But the circle is not closed until it passes in the quadrilateral. I am aware that I am not expecting anything and we have not talked about anyone coming out of retirement or anything like that, but fighters are that rare. A cathartic kind of thing where something isn’t real until we do it out there. My brother is the best example. The closest we’ve ever come to solving our problems and sharing our love with each other was when we beat each other to death and bled on each other. There is something when you are in the ring and you have that experience… so I wish for that moment, if it ever happens.”

Triple H announced his retirement from competition last month. after a 2021 in which he had to be operated on for heart problems. Rhodes, at the moment, is an active member of the RAW cast and will compete in a cfight against Seth Rollins at WrestleMania Backlash next May.

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Cody Rhodes reveals details of his encounter with Triple H at WrestleMania