CM Punk reveals that Vince McMahon banned him from talking about Kevin Dunn in the famous Pipebomb

CM Punk is one of the current stars of All Elite Wrestling, but his past in the wrestling is marked by his WWE career. In a recent interview for the podcast Dropping Character, the fighter revealed some details about the Pipebomb, his famous promo that he made on June 27, 2011 on Monday Night Raw.

For those who still had doubts, the promo was not as ‘free’ as many thought in the first instance, and went through the filter of the creatives and managers of WWE. CM Punk indicated that Vince McMahon made him eliminate a couple of references, such as one towards Brock Lesnar, with whom WWE wanted to maintain a cordial relationship due to the lawsuits they had against him, and also from Kevin Dunn, a person who commands between changing rooms and who It has always been very protected by the WWE chairman himself.

“Vince McMahon said something like, ‘Write some things and let me approve them,’ commented CM Punk. I ran into some writers and started talking about the things I wanted to say, and they said, ‘Oh, he’s not going to approve of anything. from this. He won’t want you to mention Brock ’cause Brock Lesnar was gone and they had a tumultuous relationship with demands and things that I would soon experience myself. “

“So in my mind, what I did was I immediately shut down and got carried away, and I let them write things down and pass it on to Vince, and Vince said, ‘Okay, this looks good.’ A couple of notes, some of which I used. One was not to mention Kevin Dunn, who is the guy from the production truck.. ‘Okay,’ I commented. Then I went out, and said whatever I wanted. “

The Chicago, Illinois fighter managed to mix reality with fiction in the Pipebomb, of which it was recently 10 years in June, when he got ‘free’ to talk about some lurid company topics, like the importance of part-timers at the time, the people around Vince McMahon, or even his pro wrestling heritage. Interestingly, these are topics that are still debated today, which makes the words that Punk so valuable.

That promo was christened a promo name: Pipe Bomb. CM Punk stated that John Cena was as good at kissing Vince’s ass as Hulk Hogan was in his day. “Brock Lesnar left, and so did I, but the big difference is that I’m going away with the WWE Championship,” he said. He also made reference to other companies such as NJPW or Ring Of Honor, something unheard of until then. He handed out to the board, indicating that perhaps the company would do better when Vince McMahon dies.

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