Ciampa comments on his feelings about his promotion to WWE RAW

The ruthless known in the NXT development brand What Tommaso Ciampa He has confessed how he felt the moment he arrived on the main roster, commenting that It felt like it happened at the right time.

Ciampa talks about his arrival at WWE RAW

The super star known in NXT as Tommaso Ciampa was one of the pillars of the Black & Gold Brand era, remembered for being ruthless besides having a great talent that catapulted him to win the brand’s championships multiple times, this year he said goodbye to NXT to finally go to the main roster on RAW where his name was shortened to Ciampa and has not stood out in the same way.

Although it was not thought that we would see him on the main roster, Ciampa himself has talked about this recently and He confessed that he felt that it happened at the right time and he feels comfortable today, this was what Ciampa had to say about his promotion to the main roster.

“For me, with wrestling, the process is what I have always liked, I love that everyone has their individual stories, I love that I have had more than 18 years to create my own story, and I liked that this is a much of it, as if the timing of the main roster was perfect, working SummerSlam on the main roster is very different than doing it with the NXT Take Overs. This week has been great.”

Ciampa has been with The Miz as his ally and has had a moment in which he was able to highlight his talent, which was in a fight for the championship of the United States vs Bobby Lashley, although he could not win He has always kept his head held high and supporting The Miz, We’ll see if he has big plans in the future.

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Ciampa comments on his feelings about his promotion to WWE RAW