Chris Jericho thinks AEW Dynamite will eventually beat Raw in ratings

Whether you want to admit it or not, AEW beat Wwe the war on Wednesday nights. And to Chris jerichoIt is only a matter of time for that result to be repeated on Mondays. The former champion of both promotions appeared on Busted Open Radio, where he predicted that Dynamite he could fight Raw at the audience level in the next six months.

“Sooner or later we’re going to start beating Raw,” Jericho said (kindly transcript of Wrestlezone). “It won’t be every week, but I can bet you that in the next two or four months, four or six months maybe, we’re going to beat Raw. And that’s because of the narrative. We don’t panic. We don’t rush. We live in our own world and we make the booking as it should be. We do the booking in a cunning way. Watching our show is like watching the first three episodes of Star warsOne thing always leads to another, and sometimes you can see where the seeds were planted months before. We always know what we want to do and where we want to go, “he concluded.

AEW declared war on WWE by moving its first weekly broadcast to Wednesday nights, the day NXT was broadcast on the USA Network screen. After eighty weeks of competition, AEW won the war, achieving more audience in 63 weeks than the third WWE brand. As a result, NXT was moved to Tuesday nights. Losing the war with Dynamite also caused the yellow brand to undergo a radical makeover that today has received rejection from its fans.

While Jericho’s estimates may sound premature, the 50-year-old might find the reason to review this week’s ratings for the episodes of Raw and Dynamite respectively: the Flagship show WWE’s drew 1.9 million viewers, while AEW’s barely crossed the 1 million mark.

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