Charlotte Flair retains RAW women’s title at her Open Challenge

Tonight on Monday Night Raw, Charlotte Flair returns to defend her RAW women’s championship to anyone backstage in an Open Challenge for the RAW women’s championship.

Charlotte Flair defends the RAW women’s championship in an open challenge

Yesterday was a great fight for Charlotte Flair in Extreme Rules when she defended the RAW women’s championship against Alexa Bliss, things ended in The Queen’s favor when thanks to a distraction in which Charlotte grabbed Lilly and threw her in Alexa’s face with what you take advantage of to land a kick and apply a natural selection, with this she takes the victory and retains the RAW women’s championship.

After this Charlotte set out to tear the poor doll to pieces and leaving Alexa Bliss screaming in pain, Charlotte Flair did not have enough with this defense since it was announced earlier today that the queen would make an open challenge to defend her title against whoever is backstage.

Doudrop responds to Charlotte Flair’s challenge

The queen comes to the ring to wait for her opponent and who responds to the challenge is none other than Doudrop who comes very confident and highly motivated for this fight, the contest begins in favor of Doudrop who shows Charlotte that she is not an easy opponent, however the fight is interrupted by the arrival of Eva Marie who distracts Doudrop and causes him defeat, thanks to this distraction Charlotte Flair connects her natural selection with what the count reaches 3, Charlotte Flair defeats Doudrop and retains the RAW Women’s Championship, later when Eva Marie steps into the ring to get some glory also receives punishment from Charlotte and with this he leaves and the fight ends.

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