Charlotte Flair defeats Ronda Rousey at WWE Wrestlemania 38

The first night of wrestlemania 38 has had a high level. In the fight for Smackdown Women’s Championship, charlotte flair defeated Ronda Rousey in a widely controversial ending that promises the continuity of this intense rivalry.

Charlotte Flair defeats Ronda Rousey in wrestlemania 38

In a match lasting more than 20 minutes, Charlotte Flair managed to cover the member of the women’s hall of UFC Ronda Rousey, to retain the Smackdown Women’s Championship. That if, with an ending that will bring debate among fans of this discipline.

Specifically, there were two times that Ronda Rousey would have managed to beat Charlotte Flair. One of them, Ronda made the count of three, but Charlotte put her foot on the rope, being seen in time by the referee. In the second, Charlotte gave up after a arm bar applied by the Olympic medalist, but the referee was unconscious.

After seeing this situation, Ronda Rousey raised the referee, but that was her undoing. A clever Charlotte Flair applied a Big Boot straight to the face of the legend of UFC to apply the count of three and take the victory. A very controversial victory that will increase this rivalry over time.

What was seen in this duel was a noticeable improvement of Ronda Rousey in the ring. She is more confident, more determined and much more coordinated with her partner. In addition, Charlotte sold the blows of her partner well, showing her as the fierce opponent that she is hers.

This was Charlotte’s third starting win since winning the championship. Adding more than five months in her sixth reign as leader of the blue mark. First it was Toni Storm, then it was Naomi, now Ronda Rousey has been the queen’s victim, but not for long, as she wants revenge, and she wants it soon.

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Charlotte Flair defeats Ronda Rousey at WWE Wrestlemania 38