Bruce Prichard explains his absence from recent WWE shows

Although he is not in front of the cameras, Bruce Prichard has been absent from the last few shows as part ofthe latest news from WWE. The producer of shows like WWE Raw, has not been able to attend for reasons you have recently explained.

Bruce Prichard explains his absence within WWE

Bruce Prichard has been curious about his recent absence from Vince McMahon’s company programming. The producer has been kept out during the Christmas season SmackDown and Raw episodes due to minor health concerns.

In an interview with the “Something to Wrestle” podcast, Bruce Prichard has referred to his absence from the shows.

“This year I took a vacation because of the special programming we had on SmackDown. As we had previously recorded and there was no normal programming on television, I decided that I could take a break. And it was during that period that I contracted a fever and I was not feeling very well. Fortunately we have an incredible care team. So I only missed three shows. “

Fortunately Bruce Prichard is expected to rejoin the schedule in the next few days. An important return to the reins of the programs in the complicated moments that the company goes through to control its shows.

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Bruce Prichard explains his absence from recent WWE shows