Brock Lesnar wins the WWE Championship in Elimination Chamber

To close another spectacular event in Saudi Arabia, comes the Elimination Chamber featuring 6 closeted wrestlers looking to become WWE champion, former champion Brock Lesnar and the almighty they are involved in the same structure.

Bobby Lashley has his toughest defense yet

For the first time in Saudi Arabia, the Elimination Chamber with the beast incarnate Brock Lesnar, the phenomenal AJ Styles, Riddle, Seth Rollins, Asutin Theory and the champion bobby lashley inside the metal structure all with the aim of coming out as WWE champion and go to WrestleMania 38 straight to the Main Event.

Those who start in the ring are the visionary Seth Rollins vs Austin Theory, the latter is not impressed by Rollins and attacks him with great skill and strong blows, both the visionary responds with great power with which they even break Bobby Lashley’s capsule and leave him very hurt.

It’s time for the first capsule to open which is Riddle’s, the bro quickly attacks everyone to try to eliminate the charges and that things do not get more complicated, meanwhile we see how a team takes Lashley out of contention because it can no longer compete, another capsule is opened being that of the phenomenal AJ Styles who doesn’t waste time either and attacks whoever he can.

We can see how a human tower is assembled that is collapsed by Austin Theory, in addition Riddle applies a modified double RKO in honor of his partner Randy Orton, however, the time has come for another capsule to be opened what has been Lashley’s even though it’s not but the enraged beast breaks the glass to force his way out and begins to hand out suplexes.

The Incarnate Beast unleashes his wrath

Lesnar arrives alone to eliminate the competition and with an F5 eliminates Seth Rollins, Riddle and eventually AJ Styles, only Austin Theory and the beast remain so poor Austin starts running terrified, but it is reached and pulverized with suplexes and an F5 from the top of a capsule, with this 1 2 3 Brock Lesnar wins the WWE championship in Elimination Chamber and the champion vs. champion vs. Roman Reigns fight is confirmed at WrestleMania 38.

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Brock Lesnar wins the WWE Championship in Elimination Chamber