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After what happened last night in the WWE SmackDown Blue Mark program, WWE has announced the indefinite suspension of the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, after his attack on Adam Pearce.

Brock Lesnar suspended indefinitely from WWE

Brock Lesnar has been suspended indefinitely by WWE within the storyline that is taking place between the fighter and Roman Reigns in yesterday’s program of the blue brand, the first after what happened at WWE Crown Jewel, on Thursday.

Lesnar was suspended after attacking a television camera and a WWE official while attacking Roman Reigns and The Usos. After this came out Adam Pearce to the ring to make the suspension official but this only infuriated Lesnar more and he returned to the ring to apply an F5 to Pearce.

Lesnar appeared on the show after Roman Reigns called him during his promo at the opening of SmackDown, after The Beast Incarnate threatened to knock Reigns unconscious the next time faces were seen after what happened at WWE Crown Jewel.

This is the way WWE has removed Brock Lesnar from television that as we already know he will not fight in Vince McMahon’s company in all of 2021 and your next presence is announced for Royal Rumble 2022 to be held on January 29.

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Brock Lesnar suspended indefinitely by WWE – Planeta Wrestling