Brock Lesnar confesses that he almost went bankrupt in WWE – Wrestling Planet

during the last hours WWE news have highlighted how the company has managed to have a new champion. Everything indicates that the champion’s injury has meant that there could only be an option to have a visible face of the brand, it is of WWE wrestler Brock Lesnar.

Brock Lesnar and his economic problem

Everyone knows that Brock has always been a key player in the development of the product and the program. So much so that by earning large amounts of money, one could keep in mind that they will go through an economic downturn, well it seems so.

The champion is honest and tells how he suffered financially after spending his first contract with WWE that ended at WrestleMania XX in the latest episode of The Pat McAfee Show .

“I don’t have to do this. okay? I have been very wise and I am not here, I do it because I want to. And I’m not gloating, I’ve just been very good with money. Yeah, so it hasn’t always been that way. I learned from many people. I was almost broke in my first race, you know?

One of Brock’s concerns was the total dependency on Vince McMahon if he was out of the company.

“I just signed a great deal with Vince. I mean big problem. Back then, 20 years ago, there was a lot of guaranteed money. And then six months later I was like, ‘Yeah, fuck you, Vince. He was a bit cracked. Now I understand. I made an investment here. So, but he had to do that and he understood. I have to go. I had to get out and it wasn’t over yet. You know, if I hadn’t left, I wouldn’t have been, you know, in the UFC and all that. When I made my name, I paved my own way. So, I went back and settled down, this is what I want, this is how I’m going to do it, and I’m very lucky.”

Brock also has to deal with nerves once he gets in the ring and he knows that there are millions of people watching his performance inside the ring or octagon.

“I still have butterflies. You know, I still enjoy it. I really enjoy that. And, it’s, it’s a different game, you know, walking into the octagon and I’m telling you, you have to be like you’re half crazy. Like when you walk through that door, like, I built or ordered an octagon so I could, not have to do it first, nervousness about going into an octagon.

“I’m like, ‘Dana, I want an octagon.’ I’m like, oh boom, sent an octagon. So I can fight on it and practice on it, you know? But then you’re in front of 20,000 people and they close the door and it’s like, ‘ahhh.’”

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Brock Lesnar confesses that he almost went bankrupt in WWE – Wrestling Planet