Bray Wyatt seizes Alexa Bliss and attacks Bianca Belair

The first fight of first raw of 2023, It was a match for the Raw Women’s Championship, where Bianca Belair exposed the title against Alexa Bliss. Mike Rome made the introductions in classic style and the referee presented the strap to the public.

The bell rang, and Belair was the first to hit Bliss with a tremendous right hand. Then, she made everyone laugh when she put her hand on his head and since Bliss is smaller, she couldn’t connect her. Bliss then got headbutted. And Bliss got mad and kicked Belair in the butt to get her out of the ring with a right hand. Belair met her outside the ring and slammed her into the guardrail before heading off to commercial.

Bianca Belair vs. Alexa Bliss on WWE RAW January 3, 2023

► Bray Wyatt comes for Alexa Bliss. She wants her in hers Wyatt 6 of hers in 2023

After returning to action, Belair continued to dominate Bliss, but now, in the corner. The blonde tried to run, but Belair grabbed her by the hair. Bliss freed herself with a stomp and an arm throw, sending Belair flying, who ran to the corner, climbed on, and told Bliss to kiss her ass. Belair then threw against The corner post hit Bliss with a flying kick, but Bliss dodged it and Belair hurt her shoulder and face on the post.

Bliss repeatedly stomped on Belair, and even stood on his back despite the referee’s claim. Bliss got a bead in two seconds. Belair put Bliss high, but she dodged a flag suplex and applied a breaker in the back with punishment to the neck, to repeat a two-second coverage in his favor.

Bliss was already starting to get angry that she couldn’t finish the job. And she grabbed Belair by her hair so she could slap her and give her tremendous knees and flying kicks to her chest that gave her another count of two. Belair was still pretty strong up to this point in the match, and he demonstrated it after a few seconds, connecting a strong suplex that hurt Bliss’s back ugly.

She responded with a slap, but Belair went on top of her in a flurry of punches, throwing her face-first into the four main corner face guards. Belair then slammed Bliss to the canvas with a suplex, re-dosing her two more times immediately.

Later, Belair launched with a standing moonsault after launching himself in the ropes, and almost won the fight. Bliss flicked Belair’s rope and tossed her out of the ring, where she he fell on her with a cannonball before another commercial.

Returning, Belair pushed Bliss into the corner with her body and sent her flying to the canvas. Bliss reacted with flying kicks and got a count in two seconds. After this, she made a padlock around the neck of her rival, and gave her a right hand and two knees to the abdomen, although Belair dodged a mini iron and almost won with a roll-up.

Subsequently, Bliss dodged a KOD, but was unable to stop a breaking knee to the back. Belair punched Bliss 10 to the head in the corner, but she went crazy and he broke free and threw Belair out of the ring after pulling his hair.

in ringisde, a young man appeared with the mask of Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy and although security was going to remove him, he was part of the show. This young man looked like Grayson Waller from NXT, but nothing is confirmed for now.

Bliss was mesmerized when she saw this face. And Wyatt’s dragonfly logo appeared multiple times on the Titantron, causing Bliss to go berserk and viciously attack the referee and Belair, even, he applied tremendous DDT against the metal stairs and began to laugh. Belair’s mouth was broken by the blow.

Bliss was already leaving, but she repeated the DDT again, this time connecting Belair’s forehead squarely on the metal stairs. «Welcome back! 2, the fans chanted and cheered Alexa Bliss while Bianca Belair had to leave by ambulance.

Alexa Bliss on Raw / WWE
Alexa Bliss on Raw / WWE

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Bray Wyatt seizes Alexa Bliss and attacks Bianca Belair