Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt in the WWE Draft 2021?

The WWE Draft approaches and the first speculations begin. The fans have started with their predictions, and here we also want to comment on what would be good to see. Wouldn’t it be great to see Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt return in the Draft? Let’s develop the idea!

The solution for the WWE Draft 2021

WWE RAW and SmackDown wrestlers prepare for one of the most magical nights of the year. The latest rumors even indicate that the stars of WWE NXT will be part of Draft 2021. With all three brands involved, why not dream of the return of some of WWE’s fired wrestlers as free agents?

The firings of Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman have been two of the biggest mistakes of the company. These are two spectacular talents. Braun is a giant recognized throughout the world and Bray Wyat knew how to create with The Fiend one of the most interesting characters in the sports entertainment industry.

AEW is very strong and bringing back these two great talents, each on one of the draft nights would be amazing for the McMahon company.. It would be one of those acts that would restore faith to many of the fans who are leaving the WWE product delighted by the AEW signings. CM Punk and Daniel Bryan could be overshadowed by Braun Strowman and the Fiend.

It’s hard? Very difficult, but in WWE everything can happen and we only have to be attentive to see what ends up happening.

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