Bobby Lashley retains WWE title at SummerSlam 2021

Bobby Lashley has managed to retain the WWE title after Goldberg could not continue in tonight’s match at WWE’s summer show, SummerSlam, due to injury.

Bobby Lashley retains WWE title at SummerSlam 2021

Lashley remains the WWE champion after beating Goldberg tonight by abandonment of the latter in the penultimate match of WWE SummerSlam that is being held in Las Vegas.

The fight has been very rare as Goldberg has started dominating the match but it seems that the fighter has injured his knee after trying to lift Lashley. After this, MVP hit Goldberg on the knee with his cane to make this injury real. Lashley has started working on Goldberg’s knee to make this injury more believable and has thrown the fighter twice against the ring posts.

Once this has happened, Lashley has put Goldberg into the ring, but the applicant has no longer been able to stand up and since he could not continue the fight, the referee has decided to end the fight and give victory to Lashley.

The champion has not been happy with this and has started to attack Goldberg with tremendous blows to the wrestler’s knee, this has happened until Gage, Golberg’s son has entered to attack Lashley from behind but he has taken it away above and has applied his master lock.

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