Bobby Lashley joins Team RAW in place of Dominik Mysterio

Tonight Dominik Mysterio had a great challenge to preserve his place in the RAW team for Survivor Series, his opponent would be none other than Bobby Lashley in the company of MVP.

Bobby Lashley and MVP return to Monday Night RAW

Tonight on Monday Night RAW we had a moment where Adam Pearce comes to the ring and calls the Mysterios, when Rey and Dominik arrive Pearce tells them that wants to make sure Team RAW wins this year’s Survivor Series and mentions the fact that each of the members of the current team has been WWE champion, everyone except Dominik, therefore to continue being part of the team Dominik has to overcome his next challenge who is none other than The All Mighty Bobby Lashley in the company of MVP, it should be noted that MVP returns after a long absence due to injury.

The fight begins and Lashley wastes no time in spilling all his anger on Dominik Whoever tries to escape their attacks as best they can, this avoids an all-powerful controller and manages to get out of the ring, by continuing the action in the ring Lashley starts hitting Domink hard followed by a devastating spear, The latter, although it was more than enough, is still followed by a padlock with which Dominik cannot take it anymore and surrenders, Bobby Lashley is added to the RAW team for Survivor Series in place of Dominik Mysterio, in this way Dominik is no longer part of the RAW team and Bobby Lashley makes a shocking return with MVP.

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Bobby Lashley joins Team RAW in place of Dominik Mysterio