Bobby Lashley doesn’t think his match against Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel will be his last

For years fans of WWE fantasized about an individual fight between bobby lashley Y Brock Lesnar, two superstars from the company who succeeded in MMA. Finally, that dream match took place in the last edition of Royal Rumblewhere Lashley managed to beat “The Beast” to be crowned WWE Champion, counting, yes, with the invaluable help of Roman Reigns.

For his part, Lesnar recently returned to the company’s programming, attacking Bobby before he defended the United States title against Seth “Freakin” Rollins. Despite not being in a position to get into the ring, Lashley allowed himself to be provoked by “The Visionary”, who would ultimately defeat a diminished champion to snatch the gold.

Now, Lashley and Lesnar will face each other once again. The stage this time will be WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia, where both fighters will seek to exact their revenge on the other. Meanwhile, in full promotion of the event, Lashley gave an interview to CBS Sportswhere He pointed out that he does not believe that his fight at the Riyadh show will be the last that will face Lesnar. Below we leave you with their statements in this regard, transcript courtesy of

“This is the way I see it. There’s been so much time to prepare, there’s been years and years and years of preparation, and the way things have lined up on us, I don’t think this is the last time we’re going to see each other. I think until the end of my career, and the end of yours, there will always be a Bobby vs. Brock. Because right now, I look at the score: one for me, zero for him. If it’s two for me and zero for him after Crown Jewel, I’m sure he’ll be back for another one. He has to avenge his defeats.

I like the preparation because I think it’s very important because of what happened last time, because there was no real resolution of anything except me pinning him down. This time, there will be much more expectation, and I think it will not be the last. I think there’s a lot more that Brock and I can do. So I think this rivalry will continueand it will continue to be different, with many more elements involved in it.

This time around, I think we might have a moment where he can finally finish him off, but I don’t think Brock is the type of guy who’s just going to let someone beat him twice in a row and then not even come to avenge that. I like the competitor that he is because Brock doesn’t care. Brock wants to fight. Brock wants to hurt. And since he wants it, he’ll have to come up with that idea.”

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Bobby Lashley doesn’t think his match against Brock Lesnar at WWE Crown Jewel will be his last