Big E defeats Baron Corbin in the 2021 WWE Summerslam Kick Off

Before it starts the hottest show of the summer, WWE SummerSlam, WWE has offered us a match at the kick off of the show where Big E has faced and defeated Baron Corbin. We remind you that you can continue Summerslam results and coverage on our website

Big E beats Baron Corbin in SummerSlam Kick Off

WWE has started the most important show of the summer with an hour of kick off where we have been able to see a match that was not announced and that has faced Big E against Baron Corbin.

Both fighters have a story behind after Baron Corbin stole his Money in the Bank briefcase ago a couple of weeks on WWE SmackDown to Big E. Since then, Baron Corbin has wanted to escape Big E until today they met in the ring before SummerSlam.

The fight started out being dominated by Big E with a brutal belly to belly suplex over the head that sent Corbin to the canvas. But this has not been enough to defeat the previous lonewolf, since Corbin has reacted and has been about to take the victory, but Big E has left two dangerous accounts a couple of times.

Finally Corbin wanted to opt for the easy option of fleeing with the briefcase in his hands but Big E found him at ringside and with a stop he threw him against the protections, then he put him back in the ring and applied the big ending to finish the fight and, incidentally, retrieve your Money in the Bank winner’s briefcase.

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