Becky Lynch suffered an embarrassing botch on RAW – Planeta Wrestling

The rivalry between Monday Night RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch and title challenger Liv Morgan has been one of the hottest in WWE in recent days.

Becky Lynch’s Botch during her match with Liv Morgan

At Last episode of WWE RAW’s Red MarkWe got to see a new chapter in this interesting story when Becky went out to fans to brag about her win over Morgan on the previous show; However, Liv interrupted her to challenge her to a new fight in the next WWE Day 1 PPV, a fact that ended in a fight between the two where Liv took the worst part, as it was reported that she suffered an injury to her left arm.

The damage came after ‘Big Time Becks’ caught his rival’s arm between the ring post and the metal stairs to hit him multiple times with kicks applied directly to the limb and also to the stairs to do more damage. Despite how imposing this left the Champion, during the attack it was observed how the Irishwoman lost her balance due to momentum and tripped before she could land one of the kicks. Although this error was not very noticeable before the cameras, what shows what happened is the fact that the metal of the staircase did not produce sound since it was not impacted due to the fall of Lynch; Despite this, Liv sold the move.

Fortunately, Becky quickly rejoined after the mistake and the segment was able to develop according to plan., because Becky accepted Morgan’s challenge when she saw her seriously injured. This gives the starter an advantage for Day 1, where she will surely take advantage of the injury to apply her Dis-arm-her and try to get an easy victory. We’ll see what happens on January 1st.

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Becky Lynch suffered an embarrassing botch on RAW – Planeta Wrestling