Becky Lynch retains RAW women’s championship against Liv Morgan

For the first time in his career Liv Morgan has a fight for the RAW women’s championship against Becky Lynch in Monday Night RAW, Will this be his night or Becky will succeed in imposing herself again.

Liv Morgan disputes her first title fight vs. Becky lynch

Last month we saw how Liv Morgan managed to become the challenger for the first time for the RAW women’s championship, He undoubtedly has the support of the fans to achieve this great dream, but the one who completely rules out the chances of being victorious is women’s champion herself Becky Lynch who has been trying to make her look down on lowering her spirits, however Liv is determined to come out as the winner.

Finally the moment of the fight comes and Liv can’t defend herself from Becky’s humiliating attacks Until she reacts and takes things more seriously, Liv shows her that she has prepared herself and does not leave things easy and resists the attacks that Big Times Becks executes, Liv applies kicks and elbows with all her energy and she almost got the win at different times but Becky doesn’t give up her title so easily.

Big Times Becks gets the win by playing dirty

When the fight was at the highest peak, victory would swing for either of the two female superstars. gambling the coverage on the part of one and the other, in the end the coverage is in favor of Becky who holds the ropes at the same time but the referee does not see her, 1 2 3 Becky Lynch retains the RAW Women’s Championship by defeating Liv Morgan, Becky’s dirty games earn her the win but surely Liv will not be happy with this result.

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Becky Lynch retains RAW women’s championship against Liv Morgan