Becky Lynch explains why she was not selected in the WWE Draft

Last night on SmackDown the first night of this year’s WWE Draft took place, the show opened with the first round of selections for each brand. There we found out that Monday Night RAW Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair will be transferred to the blue show, being the third selection of the entire Draft.

Becky Lynch explains why she has not been selected in the WWE DRAFT

With this and with the previous selection of both Maximum Champions, Roman Reigns and Big E, who were first and second picks, respectively; It seemed clear that the next to be chosen would be the Smackdown Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch. However, it was not like that, and the fourth selection was Bianca Belair, who will become part of the RAW ranks.

A fan asked Becky about why she was not immediately selected for the red mark, to which ‘The Man’ replied that she is not eligible until the second night of the Draft, that is, next Monday on RAW:

“The Man was not selected as he is not eligible until Monday. I wanted to give people more time to put money on the table. “ Wrote the sovereign of the blue mark.

Becky was present at the comment table during the main event of yesterday’s show, where Sasha Banks defeated Bianca Belair in a WrestleMania rematch match. That was agreed as a result of what happened at Extreme Rules, when Sasha intervened in the title fight of Becky and Bianca, thus costing the title opportunity to the ‘WWE Superlative’. Sasha got the victory, but was attacked by Charlotte, who also lashed out at Belair, making herself notice in her new brand and lifting her Championship as proof of her dominance; Becky did the same on rinsgside.

With this, we are assured that Becky Lynch will be one of the first elections on the second night of the WWE Draft. What surprises will we see there? Don’t miss the next edition of Monday Night RAW!

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