Becky Lynch defeats Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series 2021

The great WWE RAW Women’s Champion Becky Lynch faces tonight Charlotte Flair, the WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, to find out who is the best of the two in Survivor Series 2021. An old great friendship, a great rivalry, a great confrontation beyond the ring, the two champions face to face and only one will be victorious.

And we live this combat in the WWE Survivor Series 2021 coverage and live results

The rivalry between Becky and Charlotte reaches its climax in Survivor Series 2021

One of the most historic rivalries in WWE is that of the friends and rivals, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair who have been one of the pillars of the women’s division, throughout their careers we have seen them being friends and in recent years we have seen them facing each other on numerous occasions, tonight they would face each other again in Survivor Series being RAW champion vs SmackDown champion and there is no doubt that the tension between them has been more delicate than ever.

The fight begins without any patience with the two attacking each other with all the hatred in the world and Becky is taking the lead, Charlotte is recovering and both continue to hit each other and apply their moves consecutively looking for the count of 3 but none of them get it, Charlotte weakens Becky and makes a great backflip from the third count that hits his opponent with his legs and tries to cover, however this is not enough and Becky tries to regain control of the fight in Survivor Series 2021.

Becky Lynch is crowned as the winner

At last control is back in favor of Becky and she manages to connect a urinagi, same move with which she defeated Bianca Belair at SummerSlam, after that Charlotte applies her own figure 4 but Charlotte manages to reverse it and the two separate, Charlotte tries to make the count of 3 but leans on the ropes and the referee notices it, Becky does a roll-up and makes the same play and here the referee doesn’t notice, 1 2 3 Becky Lynch defeats Charlotte Flair in Survivor Series, illegally Becky takes the victory and proves to be superior to Charlotte at her own game.

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Becky Lynch defeats Charlotte Flair at Survivor Series 2021