Bayley raised an interesting offer to Toxic Attraction

Gigi Dolin Y Jacy Jayne they reigned as the NXT Couples Champions until Katana Chance Y Kayden Carter they dethroned them. The members of Toxic Attraction They also failed to revalidate their opportunity, losing this Tuesday a fight against Nikkita Lyons Y Zoey Starkwho took their position as the number one challengers for the title.

Toxic Attraction WWE NXT October 4, 2022

► Will we see Toxic Attraction in the main cast?

Although Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne lost their chance to retain the NXT Women’s Tag Team Championship, they managed to get the attention of the Raw superstar, Bayleywho observed their meeting and posed to the members of Toxic Attraction via Twitter an interesting offer.

«Hey Toxic… too bad they lost. Maybe they would like an opportunity for a different Tag Team Championship…»

Bayley also recently hinted at her return to NXT. when in the segment that Grayson Waller, Cora Jade and Roxanne Perez starred in, when they made reference to the fact that the latter could have a fight with practically any WWE Superstar. The Role Model last wrestled on NXT in June 2020, when she and Sasha Banks defended the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship against Shotzi and Tegan Nox.

Toxic Attraction, on the other hand, already debuted in the main cast when they were part of the tournament to crown the new WWE Couples Champions, but could not finish it due to injury; however, weeks later they did manage to have an opportunity for said scepter, but they lost to the then monarchs Rachel Rodriguez Y Aliyah.

Toxic Attraction - WWE NXT
Toxic Attraction – WWE NXT

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Bayley raised an interesting offer to Toxic Attraction