Bayley gives her opinion on Triple H’s regime in WWE

At the end of July, Triple H assumed creative command of WWE after Vince McMahon will retire of the company, and with it certain changes began to be evident: returns of fighters who have been fired, impulses to certain fighters who had been forgotten, changes to certain rules during matches, greater exposure of the women’s division and greater quality in the fights that have taken place on television. Consequently, good numbers have been shown in the ratings and it has been noted that the WWE Universe in general is more satisfied and optimistic; however, it is known that the road is still long.

Triple H debuts as director and leader of the WWE creative team on WWE Raw (07/25/2022)

► Bayley has maintained a good relationship with Triple H

Many Superstars have spoken about the recent changes that Triple H has established in WWE since he took over, and Bayley has not been the exception. The Role Model was part of the black and gold era of NXT, led by The Gameand you obviously have a lot of experience to share.

In a recent interview with In The KliqBayley confessed that it’s great to have Triple H in control of the situation and added that he has a good relationship with him since NXT.

«It’s great, I’ve had a great relationship with him since NXT and it has seen me grow and we have had many conversations about everything and how I see the business or what I want to contribute to the business and to the women’s division. He knows me and it is very easy to talk to him»

“I also had a great relationship with Vince, but he didn’t see me grow like Hunter did… What Hunter is doing is just changing and revolutionizing what WWE already was, which was already an amazing show, but it’s… I’m just as excited as you guys, it’s great«.

Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky - WWE RAW
Bayley, Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky – WWE RAW

Bayley appreciated the fact that Triple H helped him in his professional growth during his time in NXT and believes that, now that he is in charge of the entire company, he could help many Superstars to excel.

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Bayley gives her opinion on Triple H’s regime in WWE