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It was one of the most spectacular moments of the whole WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Nobody could doubt the participation of the bad rabbit or better called Bad Bunny. The expectations on the part of the fan were not as high as what we could have in a real way. A singer, wrestling lover who has trained hard with sacrifice and effort and has managed to be before the best.

The eternal debate of intrusiveness in wrestling

Many through social networks were amazed and cataloged the moment of the fighter WWE contestant Bad Bunny in the great event before the fired Morrison and the Miz as something inexplicable. But as his great friend Damian Priest said, it is the work and effort to fulfill a dream. But this is more than just a dream. There were many who have criticized that the singers, or artists with great fame recognized in the world were in the hall of fame or could participate with the fighters.

But the reality is that if we put all the appearances of recognized superstars outside the world of wrestling on a scale and put Benito on the other side, we conclude that Benito clearly takes it. The in-ring work has been one of those that would make more than one think that he is a wrestling fighter. But no, it is the love for a profession and a lifestyle.


That he has the love, motivation and ability to hit the arena and be available to WWE at an important time in his career as he begins a round of scheduled concerts makes one wonder how humbled the young singer is by the fans. A love that has been shown with a great Canadian Destroyer and above all the movements in conjunction with Rey Mysterio.

He is making a niche for himself on the WWE roster and is already an icon in wrestling. If anyone doubted his role and preparation at WrestleMania, look at the way he has been preparing to be in this battle royal. At number 27 he eliminated fighters like Sheamus himself or Dolph Ziggler. Something that enshrines him in WWE and makes it clear that he will be ready for the company at any time.


An F5 means nothing more than the finisher of the beast incarnate. The most powerful move of a wrestler in WWE. This has been seen with Bobby Lashley who received the pin for more than 10 seconds. The way he approaches the match and comes face to face with Brock shows his effort and understanding of everything in WWE. He ate the beast finisher and was eliminated by a legend. What does not mean the end of Bad Bunny in WWE.

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Bad Bunny’s life lesson in WWE Royal Rumble – Planet Wrestling