Backstage update on the absence of Edge in RAW

In the last hours new details have been known that explain the reason why ‘The R-rated Superstar’, Edgewas not in the last episode of WWE RAW (See coverage and results Monday Night RAW July 25, 2022).

It had been reported that the Hall of Famer would make his return to WWE last night on RAW

Yesterday’s RAW episode was one of the most special of the year; it wasn’t just about the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the debut of the legendary Rey Mysteriobut it was also the first episode of the Red Mark without Vince McMahonY It was held in the most famous arena in the world, Madison Square Garden.. In addition, the WWE Universe has set its eyes on the Red Mark after his move to TV-14.

All these factors led the show to try to outdo itself, with elements such as the presence of the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, Roman ReignsY the return of ‘The Eradicator’ Rhea Ripley. Nevertheless, rumors indicated that Edge would also be present, but this did not happen.

Why wasn’t Edge on Monday Night RAW?

According to information reported by the Fightful Select site, ‘The Ultimate Opportunist’ was indeed booked for this week’s episode of WWE RAW, and all preparations for his trip to New York City were arranged and agreed upon.. However, it was recently reported that “at least one element” related to his trip was canceledwhich produced Edge’s absence from the show.

“Edge was scheduled to appear on RAW today, but for some reason WWE decided to cancel his trip.” Reported Fightful Select.

For now It is not known if perhaps the Canadian can make his return at SummerSlam this SaturdayWell, without a doubt ‘The Hottest Event of the Summer’ would be a propitious scenario, even more so if we remember that Edge has a notorious record of 12 wins and 2 losses in this PPV.

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Backstage update on the absence of Edge in RAW