Austin Theory, the new pearl of WWE that is compared to John Cena

Austin Theory on Monday Night RAW during November 2021. (Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

austin theory is one of the greatest promises of the WWE. The company protects him like his most coveted pearl. Even Vince McMahon, the owner of the emporium, has supported him on television. Visualize it as a new version of John Cena. He is barely 24 years old and has a career ahead of him, but all hopes for the future are pinned on him.

And it is that theory he has everything the company is looking for in an athlete to take them to the top in the sports entertainment business. owns the physicalthe charismathe talent in the ring and the microphone skill to elicit reactions from the public. That is why they take care of him as one of their Rough diamonds. It is one of their next banners and they do not want to waste it.

His journey began in 2015, when he was 17. He won a bodybuilding in Georgia, United States. The similarities exist: John Cenawhom he considers one of his greatest influences in sports-entertainment, also began his journey in the world of Gym. In the end, they both concentrated fully on the wrestling. They were destined for stardom from young.

Upon reaching the age of majority, the character of theory it was already a reality. She was not afraid of appropriating other people’s gazes. It was consolidated into independent consortiums throughout USA. At the same time, his style kept him a preferential place in different latitudes of wrestling. He competed in United Kingdomalthough his work extended to Mexico on sporadic occasions.

the promoter crashone of the most recognized Tijuanasaw him consecrate himself as his absolute champion in 2019. A few months after his feat in border territory, the World Wrestling Council (CMLL) He opened the doors for one night. She sheltered him on the technical side with charistic Y flying jr. to snatch victory from the third of Rush, Cave Barbarian Y black houses.

None of this went unnoticed by the World WrestlingEntertainment, who soon incorporated him into their ranks. He sent it to NXT, the show that served as its development territory. However, the injury of a teammate changed his route: the lagoon Andrade he hurt his ribs in March 2020, so he did emerging gladiator in the main programs of the company.

Appeared in Monday Night RAWthe most important weekly broadcast of WWEnext to the Monterrey angel heron. The duo fought for the gold of the couples division, only they could not hold on to the belts. Once their alliance ended, he returned to his original plans in NXT. Johnny Garganoone of the brand’s most renowned fighters, helped cement his next climb.

The end of 2021 favored theory, was ready to take off. It was his time to shine alone. He went back to raw as fixed. He took on the role of a fanatic athlete who would step into the ring to take selfies with the likes of icons. Jeff Hardy Y Mistery Kingwith the sole intention of destroying them after getting the photograph. made an immediate impact.

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These episodes served as the toe kick of a glorious 2022. She faced Brock Lesnarthe company’s most feared beast, in the Madison Square Garden from New York. He didn’t come out with his arm raised, but Vince McMahon he adopted him as his protégé in front of the cameras. The presence of the boss is limited to special moments. Theory was worth the exception.

endorsed it in Wrestlemaniathe most important annual function of the WWEin his defeat against Pat McAfee. He was there after he won his first individual medal: he dethroned the Irish Finn Balor of the United States Championship. The star facet of John Cena It began with the same award, although without the public courtship of the boss.

McMahon allows you to enhance your credibility and image, is willing to secure it as a pillar of its long-term layout. legends like mark henry Y Tommy Dreamer they place him as the future face of the company. Dinner he put down the ridicule he received from him; she recognized that she has more talent and strength than him in his youth, she only stressed that she should focus on turning his potential into a legacy.

Playing with the illusion is dangerous. Time will tell if austin theory it prevails over the accumulation of expectations. For now, he has taken over the momentum to make it clear that it is not someone else’s replica. Is a prospectus of remarkable conditions for his age wants to write his own story on the professional wrestling.


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Austin Theory, the new pearl of WWE that is compared to John Cena