Ángel Garza launches strong criticism of the extreme struggle | Superfights

Within wrestling there are different modalities, which attract different types of fans, being the extreme fight or deathmatch the most controversial of all.

In many moments, several fighters have demonstrated against its practice, due to the excess of blood, violence and punishment towards the bodies of his companions; for gladiators often do unthinkable things in order to please the public.

However, its practitioners have always sought differentiate this modality from the traditional struggle, even assuring that it has nothing to do with her.

Angel Garza, current fighter of Wwe, launched a strong criticism after the function of Zone 23, which was made this weekend when I saw a photo of Cyclops with syringes in the eyelids.

«I cover his face because I do not seek to advertise him … On the contrary!

Companions please Love yourselves, appreciate yourselves… remember that you have family waiting for you at home, in itself this sport already has its high risks so that they come to add those STUPIDES! Do youWhat is that of syringes in the eyelids, tell me what you gained with that? An extra payment? More applause? Or what?

Remember that there are many infections such as AIDS, tetanus, among many others, believe me that with the salary that promoter is giving you Not even enough for aspirin!

I will share a tip for free … that was given from my uncles and my grandfather when I started my career …

Don’t be that asshole that crosses the line for applause, earn it by being SMART, you prefer a long career with the possibility of succeeding in it or a short career that does not give you the slightest opportunity to try to succeed. ‘

PS Where is the commission? Why do they continue to allow these bullshit, because they continue to give licenses to those who do this, both ‘fighters’ and ‘promoters’ ”.

►Ángel Garza generated controversy

The comment of the royal fighter began to generate countless reactions, because in the same publication there were many people who supported him, but also many who criticized the publication, even those who said “stay out of it.”

Others reminded him its passage as a “dolphin” on Monterrey television saying “love yourself a little.”

Undoubtedly the issue is controversial, because not a few fighters perform this practice and most defend what they do, ensuring that it is “your problem”.

The truth is that in wrestling, whether in extreme or “normal” mode, there are wrestlers who take risks that could be considered unnecessary and that have even cost serious injuries.