Alexa Bliss returns to programming on WWE RAW

tonight the official Sonya Deville has an agreed fight on Monday Night raw his special opponent turns out to be none other than AlexaBliss, who finally returned to action with a new personality.

Sonya Deville is revoked from her position of authority before her fight tonight

During the evening of monday night raw, Adam Pearce spoke with Sonya Deville to whom he informed that tonight He would have a very important fight and in addition to that he has an important announcement to make, Sonya reluctantly accepts the match but leaves without knowing who the opponent is or the announcement, being in the ring she is surprised to hear that officially no longer has authority in WWE, furthermore his opponent was none other than Alexa Bliss back in action.

The audience is excited to see Alexa who entered with her old theme song of the goddess, In addition to this, it should be mentioned that was accompanied by the doll Lily, the bell rings and Sonya furiously lashes out at everything that was going on, however Alexa plans to show off on her return and hits him back.

The goddess returns in a fulminant way

Alexa has her opponent ready lying on the canvas, after Apply his Five Feet of Fury make the cover, 1 2 3 Alexa Bliss defeats Sonya Deville in her return, quickly ends the fight in a matter of minutes and leaves very happy while Sonya is left screaming in frustration at having lost everything.

The last time we saw Alexa Bliss in action went to Elimination Chamber in Saudi Arabia and at that time, it was not clear what his course was, tonight he has returned with a mixture between the goddess with the Lily doll in hands which causes a lot of intrigue, We’ll see if everything clears up over time.

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Alexa Bliss returns to programming on WWE RAW