Alexa Bliss receives criticism after her fight on WWE RAW

Recently, a former World Wrestling Entertainment writer criticized the performance of Triple Crown Champion Alexa Blissin the main event of the most recent episode of WWE RAW (See coverage and results Monday Night RAW September 19, 2022).

‘Lexi’ faced Bayley in the main event of Monday Night RAW

last night, the WWE Red Show main event was carried out by the Women’s Division, since Alexa Bliss faced the leader of Damage Ctrl, Bayley.

‘The Role Model’ managed to dominate the fight thanks to her strategy, as she took pains to do a lot of damage to Bliss’s knee. However, in a controversial moment of the contest, Alexa executed an aerial movement from the comment table, causing the damage suffered lost all credibility. Ex-WWE Vince Russo spoke about this in Sportskeeda’s ‘Legion of RAW’:

«Alexa Bliss’s fight… I have a couple of questions about it. Number one: The person who has hurt their knee, who is in pain from their knee, has blown their knee, and then proceeds to do a Summersault from the commentary table? Is that perhaps the first thing you do in that situation brother? Is that what happens if you get injured in a fight?

Vince Russo criticized the execution on Alexa Bliss’s basic blows

In this same dialogue, the former World Wrestling Entertainment head writer also referred to the excess forearms (forearm blows) that was observed in the fight courtesy of ‘The Goddess’because he believes that the combat was felt repetitive and unbelievable because of that:

“Here’s my question number two: When did we start throwing fists with our forearms? In how many real fights do you throw your forearm at a person instead of a punch? When did that start? When did that start? When did ‘the fin’ start?

Reports have recently emerged indicating that Bliss could return to her dark character soona fact that is reinforced after the RAW promo in which Bayley told the Triple Crown Champion “You are like a shell of the old Alexa.” Perhaps with this potential change of character, the development of the athlete in the programming will have an improvement.

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Alexa Bliss receives criticism after her fight on WWE RAW