Alex Rodriguez, “grateful” for his relationship with Jennifer Lopez after she removes him from Instagram

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“They were five years of incredible life and relationship, also with my daughters. We learned a lot. And now we have a chance to stay with that, to go ahead and say, ‘you know what? We are very grateful for these last five years, how can we make the next five even better thanks to the lessons learned? With these words, former baseball player Alex Rodriguez referred to his relationship with Jennifer Lopez, which ended last April, in an interview with Entertainment tonight. The sportscaster also assured that he is in “a great moment” and that he is “very grateful for the position in which the man and his light have placed me.” “I am looking forward to moving forward. Above all, to see how my daughters continue to grow ”, he affirmed.

The statements of A-Rod, as Rodriguez is called in the sports world, come after Jennifer Lopez remove all traces of your relationship from your Instagram account. Last weekend, the singer stopped following on the social network who one day was her fiancé and also deleted practically all the publications in which the baseball player appeared, except for some images in which he is seen with Max , Lopez’s 13-year-old son, and some photos of the former Yankees’ daughters, Natalie and Ella. He, however, still keeps his ex on his list of followed accounts and has not deleted his digital memories alongside her at the moment. Not even the image in which, on knees, He proposed to her with an engagement ring valued at a million dollars.

The couple announced their breakup last April after four years of relationship and two of commitment. The news was made public a month after it was learned that they had canceled their marriage commitment, that they were going through a major crisis and that they were going to therapy. They did so by publishing a statement in the US media Today in which they assured that “they were better as friends.” “We will continue to work together and support each other in our shared businesses and projects. We wish the best for ourselves and for our children, ”they said then.

After making public that they had put an end to their story, Lopez talked about their relationship, without mentioning the name of his ex-partner at any time, on the Apple Music program The Ebro Show, presented by Ebro Darden. The singer confessed that the beginning of the end began when she decided to do an exercise of looking at herself, of reflection and introspection. “It was a moment for me and no one else, it was me realizing that I was good for myself and that happiness began with me. And once I realized that, things happened, “he explained about what could be the trigger to end his relationship with the sportscaster. And he added: “Things happen in a way that you don’t expect, ever, to happen. Once you’re okay, you get to the point where you say, ‘This is not good for me’ or ‘This is not going well for me’ or ‘I have to make some changes’ and also’ This isn’t about anyone else, just my’. Once you do that, things start to fall into place. “

Just three months after breaking off her engagement, the one from the Bronx began a new relationship with Ben affleck, who was her partner almost two decades ago, in the early 2000s. On July 24, the day the artist turned 52, she herself published several images on her Instagram account aboard a boat in the waters of the French Côte d’Azur, including a photo of kissing Affleck as a official confirmation. When they fell in love for the first time, Lopez had just ended a relationship with the dancer Cris Judd, just as now he has just closed a stage with Alex Rodriguez.