AEW Dynamite outperforms WWE Raw in audience data in a key sector – Planeta Wrestling

The program after a large PPV usually attracts a larger audience because the first thing, the event has been key to attracting an audience and above all because people want to know first-hand how the stories have passed and at what turning point the new ones begin.

The ratings data for this week are being released. Let’s put it in context, in Latin America it has begun to be broadcast on the Space channel so that the audience has risen considerably since this was the first week in which it was broadcast live.

Next factor, the debuts of the three former WWE wrestlers that have generated the most impact so far this summer. This is why many people were interested in knowing the following of the rivalries as the new role of the wrestler CM Punk.

Dynamite drew 1.319 million viewers, which is more than the 1.047 million viewers the show previously attracted last week. This was the second highest viewership number in the show’s history.

In the 18-49-year-old demographic, the show had a 0.53, which is up from 0.37 last week. Dynamite topped last Monday’s episode of Raw on the key show with 681,000 viewers, while Raw earned a 0.52 rating with 678,000 viewers.

Dynamite was ranked No. 1 on the top 150 cable TV shows of the night, as well as No. 1 last week. Here’s the breakdown of each demo from the show:

Viewers 18-49 – 0.53
Female viewers 18-49 – 0.30
Male viewers 18 – 49 – 0.75
Viewers 18-34 – 0.26
Female viewers 12-34 – 0.17
Male viewers 12-34 – 0.32
Viewers 25-54 – .0.62
Spectators 50+ – 0.48

In this way, it is shown that the formula adopted by the company in recent months is an indication that the company can attract talent step by step. A fact that certifies the good results, the doubt will be to know if the company will be able to maintain this good data in the coming weeks.

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