Abdullah the Butcher in difficult financial situation after losing lawsuit and divorce

During the latest episode of Talk Is Jericho, details about Abdullah The Butcher’s current situation were revealed.

Professional wrestling referee Danny Lincoln joined Abdullah in the interview and discussed the lawsuit Devon Nicholson filed against the wrestling legend that he contracted Hepatitis C from Abdullah. :”The Butcher” lost, however it was for a particular reason that nobody knew.

“Abdullah made it to the second grade,” he said. “That’s one of the things that Ab and I plan to do is get people’s attention. He’s only been through second grade, he really can’t read or write.”

He then revealed that Abdullah lost his case because he was unable to read the letters that had been sent to him regarding the case.

“When his sister called him to say, ‘You know you lost the case, Abdullah,’ Abdullah was shocked. He sent us a news clipping in Canada because he said he was all over the news. We looked at it, Ab let me see it, and they said he won the case by default,” Malikah revealed. “Because Ab didn’t respond to the subpoenas, and they think Ab was just ignoring them, but he only went to second grade, so how is he supposed to respond? He’s not even a lawyer.”

Another situation that Abdullah The Butcher is facing is the fact that his wife is divorcing him. Malikah claimed that she took all his property and put it in his name and the fighter is in a precarious financial situation.

“ Live day to day, have a fixed income,” he said. “He has no money in the bank, his wife owns all his properties. Except for this house he lives in now, which is in both their names. His wife came here from Japan, she had nothing. All these properties that he owns are from the career that he built. And he has nothing but this house that is in both of their names. He doesn’t even have a car,” he said.

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Abdullah the Butcher in difficult financial situation after losing lawsuit and divorce