A New Ohtani Show: Hit 40 Home Runs On Same Night He Won His Eighth Game As A Pitcher

Finally a batter reached 40 home runs in the 2021 season and in a strange or exotic way that player is also a starting pitcher. It’s about the Japanese Shohei ohtani, who went to Detroit’s Comerica Park to steal the show on the night everyone was waiting for his 500th home run. Miguel Cabrera.

27,282 people watched another splendid day by the Asian MLB sensation, who was the starter in the Los Angeles Angels’ 3-1 win over the Detroit Tigers to equal the team’s record of 61 wins and 61 losses.

Ohtani pitched 8.0 innings in which he received just six hits and an earned run, walked without walking and striking out eight opponents. His ERA dropped to 2.79 and his record was 8 wins and 1 loss. He made 90 shipments and 69 fell in the strike zone.

His eight strikeouts:

Now, with the wood, he contributed to his own cause with a solo homer in the eighth inning off the pitches of reliever José Cisnero. It was his 40th homer, to be the first to reach such a high this season.

He became the fourth Angels player to reach 40 stakes in a season behind Troy Glaus, Mike Trout and Albert Pujols. Ohtani was the one to do it in the fewest games: 122.

He is on track to win his first AL MVP in his fourth season in the majors, when he turned 26 years old. It even has numbers for receiving Cy Young Award votes. That’s how fantastic their season is

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