MLB: Zack Greinke makes history with the Kansas City Royals, after breaking a record from 24 years ago

MLB Zack Greinke makes history with the Kansas City Royals

That defense of prospect third baseman Bobby Witt Jr. and company helped the starter veteran Zack Greinkewho was excellent in his return to the Royals, making an Opening Day start 12 years after he made his first for Kansas City in 2010. The 6-foot-3, 38-year-old pitcher was quick and efficient, allowing only one run, five … Read more

MLB Free Agency: Zack Greinke, Freddie Freeman and the One-Team Player’s Lost Beauty

MLB Free Agency Zack Greinke Freddie Freeman and the One Team

This week, two things came true: future Hall of Famer Zack Greinke will start this season where he began his career, with the Kansas City Royals. And, for the first time in his 12-year career, the future Hall of Famer, and soon-to-be member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, Freddie Freeman he will not wear an … Read more

MLB: Zack Greinke begins to ring for the Minnesota Twins

MLB Zack Greinke begins to ring for the Minnesota Twins

In this period of uncertainty in the work stoppage MLB, the rumors of possible signings do not stop taking place there are still several top free agents left on the market, how could it be veteran Zack Greinke, who just finished contract with the Houston Astros and at 38 years old, he is still looking … Read more

Dodgers: Zack Greinke’s return would make sense if Clayton Kershaw doesn’t sign again

Dodgers Zack Greinkes return would make sense if Clayton Kershaw

Los Angeles Dodgers they have many free agents pending this offseason, which due to the work stoppage there can be no progress in new signatures for them, having lost already to Corey Seager and Max Scherzer before the blows Rangers and Mets, being able to also lose other historical players how it is Clayton Kershaw, … Read more

MLB: Zack Britton and Marcus Semien back Lucas Giolito and call for an end to Strike

MLB Zack Britton and Marcus Semien back Lucas Giolito and

The Major League Baseball lockout It has been ongoing for nearly a month, and the accompanying transaction freeze essentially halts all major league activity. Not expected the league and the Players Association MLB officials discuss the game’s core economic issues, the most contentious in collective bargaining, until sometime after the New Year. Some prominent players, … Read more

Is Zack Greinke the perfect pitcher to accompany Gerrit Cole in the Yankees rotation?

Is Zack Greinke the perfect pitcher to accompany Gerrit Cole

The New York Yankees they reached the free agency of the MLB with the aim of adding pitchers to back their main star, Gerrit Cole. However, to date and perhaps due to unemployment, the Big Apple team has not been able to fulfill this task. At one point Justin Verlander was offered a contract, but … Read more

Latest MLB News & Rumors | Yankees could be without Zack Britton in 2022, Clayton Kershaw and more

Zack Britton’s Tommy John surgery promises his return with the New York Yankees for the next season of MLB. “It’s possible towards the end, but we probably won’t see it,” the New York general manager told the NY Post on Thursday. Brian Cashman, about the reliever. “Whatever happens will be what is most beneficial for … Read more

MLB: Didn’t win World Series but Zack Greinke gets this best ‘award’

Houston Astros could not with the mission to beat the Atlanta Braves in the World Series of the 2021 Season of MLB, but this does not mean that the players had other and better recognitions. Such is the case of Zack Greinke, who became a dad for the third time a few days ago. Zack … Read more

MLB: Zack Greinke wants to keep playing but would not return to the Astros

The Houston Astros face a difficult offseason with so many free agents who most likely won’t sign with the team, how they are pitcher Justin Verlander and shortstop Carlos Correa. However, they could lose another of their players in the market, with veteran pitcher Zack Greinke also in this situation and not with much desire … Read more