Cops vs. youngsters face off in a basketball ‘shell’ in a London neighborhood

Cops vs youngsters face off in a basketball shell in

The challenge was blunt and direct: Police Commissioner Julio César Salas González and some elements of special groups turned to see each other seeking approval and the response was immediate: “we entered him!”; It all happened on Wednesday afternoon in the park known as La Burrita, where the ’24 Hours in your Neighborhood’ operation was … Read more

The battle between the youngsters is intense: Justin Herbert of the Chargers vs. Lamar Jackson of the Ravens

Justin Herbert led the Chargers to touchdowns in their last four completed possessions on Sunday, the team coming back from a 14-point deficit for a dramatic last-minute victory. In the previous three games, Herbert has thrown for 11 touchdowns and has run for 12th with no turnovers. There has been talk that this professional in … Read more