LVBP: Strengths and weaknesses of Braves vs. Tigers in wild card game

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The Braves of Margarita will face the Tigres de Aragua in the wild card game in search of the last classified to the Round Robin of the LVBP 2022-2023. The Orientals only need a win to say present at the ball in January. The team led by Luis Dorante during the regular season went from … Read more

Weaknesses of each team in the playoffs

The postseason exalts the virtues of the best teams. But they all have their weaknesses. Here the greatest shortcomings of each club that will participate in the playoffs. Astros: Catcher Offense Puerto Rican Martín Maldonado is a solid defender, but his bat is one of the few weaknesses in the Astros’ deep lineup. He is … Read more