Jamie Vardy’s Wife Will Pay $1.7 Million After Losing Lawsuit Against Wayne Rooney’s Partner

Jamie Vardys Wife Will Pay 17 Million After Losing Lawsuit

The wife of the Leicester striker sued Rooney for defamation, who in turn had publicly accused her of leaking false stories about his private life to the tabloids. The wife of the English footballer Jamie VardyRebekah Vardywill have to pay 1.5 million pounds ($1.7 million) in legal fees to Coleen Rooneyex-player’s wife Wayne Rooneyafter having … Read more

A party, viral photos and a police report: Wayne Rooney was involved in a new media scandal

A party viral photos and a police report Wayne Rooney

Rooney went out with friends after his team’s 2-1 loss Wayne Rooney He returned to become the protagonist of the main British media for his life off the pitch. The now Derby County coach It was photographed by a group of women with which he spent the night while celebrating the birthday of one of … Read more