“I love him, I’ve been watching his performances for a long time and, for me, Benzema is to blame”

I love him Ive been watching his performances for a

Fabien Barthez, exporter for the French national team, gave an interview to L’Équipe in which he spoke about Donnarumma’s match against Real Madrid. Despite giving few interviews in recent years, every time Fabien Barthez, world champion with France in 1998, speaks, his words are usually forceful. This time, the former Manchester United goalkeeper has given … Read more

“Are you watching, Arteta? Arsenal gave away a wonderful world-class striker”

Are you watching Arteta Arsenal gave away a wonderful world class

Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal is shining in the Premier this day. The Spanish coach has returned the ‘Gunners’ to the path of success and is well on track for the presence of the Londoners in the Champions League after 6 seasons of absence. The good play of the team, which is dazzling all the followers of … Read more

NFL: 5 Factors You Should Know Before You Start Watching The 2021 Season

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The 2021-22 season of the National Football League (NFL) brings with it great expectations, but also many surprises that can be seen throughout its 272 scheduled games, the longest of all time. Therefore, here we bring you five stories that you should know with a view to everything that can happen with legendary characters, newcomers … Read more