Photos: Tom Brady had striking encounter with renowned urban music singer

Photos Tom Brady had striking encounter with renowned urban music

The NFL regular season is over and the ‘playoffs’ will be coming soon, but while American football games return there are several figures in this sport who take advantage of it to carry out different types of activities. Some even have time to meet other celebrities, as was the case with the legendary Tom Brady. … Read more

Josh Lambo sues Jacksonville Jaguars over Urban Meyer’s hostile conduct

Josh Lambo sues Jacksonville Jaguars over Urban Meyers hostile conduct

Former Jacksonville kicker argues verbal and physical abuse impacted player’s ability to do his job JACKSONVILLE — The former kicker for the jacksonville jaguars, Josh Lambfiled a lawsuit against the club on Tuesday, arguing that the former head coach Urban Meyer created a hostile work environment, and is seeking more than $3.5 million in lost … Read more

From the Shotgun Formation: Urban Meyer Wins Despite Himself – Week 7 NFL Season 2021

Six weeks into the 2021 NFL Season one thing is clear: Urban Meyer lives outside the reality of an NFL head coach. On top of that, I have other impressions of the week, all from the Shotgun Formation. The NFL according to Urban Meyer If you see NFL stories to say WOW! in the channel … Read more

Florida NFL Teams Review: Week 3


Close games and losses for all Florida teams in the third week of activity of the 2021 NFL season. tampa bay buccaneers: lost to los angeles rams 24-34 The Bucs have plans to return to Sofi Stadium in February for Super Bowl LVI. However, they have a lot to improve before thinking about repeating, especially … Read more

Florida NFL Teams Review: Week 2

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2-0, 1-1 and 0-2, that’s the Florida teams after a couple of games in the 2021 NFL Season. One team is a candidate for the Super Bowl, another is a candidate for the # 1 overall pick (again), and the other team scores a lime for a sand. tampa bay buccaneers: beat atlanta falcons 48-25 … Read more

Urban Mobility Unit continues to operate and seized 6 vehicles for positive spirometry | Daily Change


By Karina De Mattos.From some time to the present the Transit Directorates of the Municipalities have increased their work and importance. We know that it is better to prevent in all aspects. In this sense, work is being carried out from the Salto Municipality, in the Urban Mobility Unit. In communication with Henry Albarenque, director … Read more