After historic campaign, Trevon Diggs focuses on raising his game, not critics

After historic campaign Trevon Diggs focuses on raising his game

Perhaps deleting his Twitter account is paying too much attention to the noise, but if Trevon Diggs’ confidence has ever been affected by the plays he’s allowed, he’s hidden it well. COOL — Trevon Diggs had had enough of social media during the training camp of the Dallas Cowboys in Oxnard, Calif.. A video went … Read more

According to Micah Parsons, he and Trevon Diggs may be the best defensive duo ever.

According to Micah Parsons he and Trevon Diggs may be

Overall, one of the Cowboys’ bright spots last season had to do with defense. And emphasizing two specific elements, Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs should not be left out. The first became the NFL defensive rookie in 2021 after achieving 13 marshal sacks. Aside from this, he also had three forced fumbles, 84 combined tackles … Read more

Trevon Diggs is close to breaking NFL records, and rivals continue

Trevon Diggs is close to breaking NFL records and rivals

Last week was definitely a great week for Trevon Diggs. The young cornerback managed to be named for the first time for the Pro Bowl, being designated as a starter. And that was not all. Last Sunday night against Washington, the cornerback posted his 11th interception of the season. And this leaves him on his … Read more

Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons make the Cowboys have their best defense in many years

Trevon Diggs and Micah Parsons make the Cowboys have their

Washington’s quarterback, Taylor heinicke, he’s crazy. Maybe Washington’s offensive coordinator Scott Turner is too? Scott, the son of former Cowboys offensive coordinator Norv Turner during the Cowboys’ Super Bowl years in the 1990s, will likely get a text from his father asking the quarterback not to throw passes to the Cowboys cornerback. , Trevon Diggs. … Read more

Cowboys: Trevon Diggs to look to Patriots for sixth straight game with intercepted pass

It stands to reason that in the NFL’s 17-game first regular season, records will fall. An extra game for all 32 teams means more plays, more yards, more points to put on the board. No one in their right mind would have thought it could be the record for interceptions. A mark that Dick “Night … Read more