Vinicius, ignored by Tite

Vinicius’ balloon in this 2021-22 season, which had started very inflated and flying high thanks to his five goals in the first five days of LaLiga, He had already been losing steam in recent weeks and has finished playing in his call with Brazil, where not only is he not having the leading role he … Read more

The unmissable dialogue between Messi, Scaloni, Tite and Neymar on the pitch: ‘We’ve been here for three days and they waited for the game to start’

Five minutes and 20 seconds of play. A group of officials from the National Health Surveillance Agency enters the playing field of the Neo Química Arena in San Pablo and the match between Brazil and Argentina, for the Qualifying for the Qatar World Cup 2022, is interrupted. Discussions and some other push lead to the … Read more

The profound words of Gustavo Alfaro, coach of Ecuador, that moved Tite | Football | sports

The profound words of Gustavo Alfaro coach of Ecuador that

(VIDEO) For the Tricolor coach, Tite is Canarinha’s “alma mater”. June 28, 2021 – 09h49 One of the most outstanding images of the Ecuador match against Brazil (1-1) was the one starred by the coaches Gustavo Alfaro and Tite once the referee marked the end. The host television gave an account and reason for the … Read more

South America is too small for him: Tite asked for European teams to face Brazil

South America is too small for him Tite asked for

With the win against Peru, for the second date of the Copa América 2021, Brazil proved once again that he is going through a spectacular moment. The ‘Scratch’ chained two victories in the continental tournament, a streak that adds to the six victories achieved in the South American qualifiers for the Qatar 2022 World Cup … Read more