The return of Tom Brady, a gold mine for bookmakers

1647664025 The return of Tom Brady a gold mine for bookmakers

Tom Brady is back. “The work is not finished”, this is how TB12 justified his return to the NFL a month and a half after announcing his retirement. American bookmakers celebrate it. Play volume on Brady and the Buccaneers skyrocketed. 70% of bettors invested their money in the legendary “quarterback” as the new MVP and … Read more

“We want to hit a home run with a bases loaded”: Pumarejo

All provide accommodation, food, uniforms, implements and English courses. Of the 30 organizations, 27 have a secondary education, even for those players who for some reason leave the sporting process. “If the young man does not reach the Major Leagues, he leaves at 18 years old graduated with a technical degree, with knowledge in English … Read more